Book Marketing

How to market your first book

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5 marketing essentials for first time authors:

1) Author Brand

Building an engaging author brand that resoantes well with your audience is an essential part of marketing your book.

How you position your work, distinguish yourself from others in your field or genre, and communicate to your audience are important factors in creating a brand that attracts and retains readers. Your brand should shape all marketing collaterals, from drafting a newsletter to designing a social media graphic.


2) Set up social media and website

Having a dedicated website and social media accounts is a crucial part of marketing your book. By enhancing your online presence, you help your readers keep up to date with new releases and learn more about you.

Your website should contain your bio, photos, book excerpts, links to buy your book, links to find you on social media, and any reviews.

Having trouble knowing what to post?

  • Start with a pre-order period, using this time to tease your book and genreate buzz.
  • Share snippets of content from your book across social media.
  • Keep up momentum by scheduling a price promotion and exclusive discounts.
  • Connect with your audience by hosting a q&a webinar.


3) Start an email list

An email list is a direct way to target readers intersted in your work. Sending updates straight to their inbox is a great way to build a relationship with subscribers, increases retention and engagement, and strengthens subcriber loyalty.


4) Book reviews

In the world of e-commerce, most people check the reviews before buying a product. A review can increase book sales and give immediate credibility to an author and book. Readers browsing through Amazon might buy the book simply from reader recommendations. Likewise, readers on Goodreads might add it to their “must-read” list.


5) Network

Building your network and collaborating with other authors and industry influencers is a great way to establish your author brand and foster connections. By joining online reading and writing groups in your genre or attanding book festivals, you’ll meet potential new readers, industry pros and other celebrated authors. Getting involved in the community may also help you land book reviews!