Our Social Impact Commitment

Publish My Book is totally committed to giving back and empowering others in their life’s call and journey. Most of our team have their own businesses which we support and help to grow through our work – more than once we’ve told them to put their prices up, even if it costs us more!

Our aim is two-fold. Firstly, we intend to use our physical resources to help micro and small businesses. As our offices grow, this could be through making space available to start-ups rent free, and for them to have use of the equipment on a ‘cost only’ basis. Secondly, we want to reach the place where we can take a percentage of our profits to use in emerging market countries and city transformation projects, using micro-loans to help businesses grow to impact their communities.

We already support, mentor and advise business leaders and people all over the world. Giving back can take many forms and often having someone to talk through the challenges we face can have the greatest impact on emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as the success of a business.