Professionally formatted text from $3 per page

A well designed book interior that reflects the mood of your content is critical to your success as an author. The choice of font, chapter headings and trim size play an important role in your finished book. That is why we’re here to help you transform your manuscript into a professionally laid out book that meets industry standards. From simple text books to complex photographic layouts, our designers provide the best possible reading experience for your book’s audience.

Once we have received your manuscript and acknowledged receipt, we can provide you with a FREE pdf proof of the first few chapters withing 10 working days (provided that your manuscript has been set up using one of our templates).

Word Count

To get an idea of your page count, you can use the chart below, which includes some of our most popualr trim sizes. On average, we have estimated 250 words per page, factoring in 7 pages for the font and back matter of the book, such as the table of contents, copyright page and an inside cover. Please note that this is just an estimate. Factors such as the number of images in the book and amount of chapters may affect your overall page count. Your word count can be found in Microsoft Word under the ‘Tools’ menu or at the bottom of your document.

Word Count 8.5” x 5.5” 9” x 6” 12” x 9”
10,000 45-55 45-55 N/A
20,000 90-100 85-95 N/A
30,000 135-145 125-135 105-115
50,000 225-235 205-215 170-180
70,000 315-325 285-295 240-250
100,000 445-455 405-415 340-350
150,000 665-675 605-610 505-515
200,000 895-905 805-815 670-680
225,000 1,000-1,010 905-915 755-765
250,000 1,115-1,125 1,005-1,015 840-850

Add photographs to your book for an extra $200

This is a great option for authors who want to add more than 5 photos to their book.